Podcast 80: Greatest Classic 80s Action Flicks – Award Show

The 3 Guys Podcast

Recorded on 9/26/2022

For 10 weeks we’ve reviewed the Greatest Classic 80s Action Flicks.  In this Special Episode, we crown A Winner.  We also give out various other awards including best hero, one-liner, villain, montage and more. Out of all our 80s heros, who will win in Thunderdome? Join us for this fun episode and let us know if you agree or disagree with our results. 

What was our judging criteria?

  • A “Muy Macho” Hero with quotable one-liners played by a recognizable star
  • An Over-the-Top Villain
  • A Montage Sequence
  • Expernsive & Extensive Chase Scenes
  • Epic Fight Scenes
  • A Villain Monologue
  • A Final Showdown
  • An “Oh Crap” Death for our Bad Guy
  • Franchise Potential
  • Around a 90 minute runtime
  • A high body count
  • & and cool ride.

Our 80s Action Flick Review Ratings

Below is our ratings for each 80s Action movie we review.  This does not include any 80s action movie we previously reviewed or that are considered a “GREATEST ACTION MOVIE” of all time (example: Diehard) not just the 80s. 

Movie TitleYear ReleasedDon's RatingKen's RatingJon's RatingOverall Rating
The Running Man19873.02.753.253.0
Road House19893.753.03.03.25
Lone Wolf McQuade19832.752.252.252.4
Big Trouble in Little China19864.
Tango and Cash19894.
Rambo: First Blood Part II19854.

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