The 3 Guys 80s Action Movie Picks

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What is this page about?

The 3 Guys have decided to take a short break from reviewing random movies and focus on a topic close to our hearts…80s Action Movies…

We spent weeks narrowing a large list of movies down to the top 10 80s Action Flicks we feel represent what we feel represent the best Era of action in film history.

What is our judging criteria?

After much debate, below is the criteria we came up with to be used when judging our 80s Action picks.  The stronger they match this list, the more likely they’ll get a higher rating.

  • A “Muy Macho” Hero with quotable one-liners played by a recognizable star
  • An Over-the-Top Villain
  • A Montage Sequence
  • Expernsive & Extensive Chase Scenes
  • Epic Fight Scenes
  • A Villain Monologue
  • A Final Showdown
  • An “Oh Crap” Death for our Bad Guy
  • Franchise Potential
  • Around a 90 minute runtime
  • A high body count

Our 80s Action Flick Review Ratings so far...

Below is our ratings for each 80s Action movie we review.  New rating will be added each week until we finish our top 10.  This does not include any 80s action movie we previously reviewed or Action Movies that are considered “GREATEST” of all time (example: Diehard).

Movie TitleYear ReleasedDon's RatingKen's RatingJon's RatingOverall Rating
The Running Man19873.02.753.253.0
Road House19893.753.03.03.25
Lone Wolf McQuade19832.752.252.252.4
Big Trouble in Little China19864.
Tango and Cash19894.
Rambo: First Blood Part II19854.

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