Day: May 11, 2023

Fighting on Film: A Martial Arts History

Martial arts have been featured on film since the early days of cinema, from Bruce Lee’s iconic performances to today’s high-tech fight scenes. The evolution of these portrayals sheds light on the cultural and social influences of each era.

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The Last Dragon: Decoding Symbolism in Film

“The Last Dragon: Decoding Symbolism in Film” explores the hidden meanings and cultural significance of the 1985 martial arts movie. From Bruce Lee references to themes of black empowerment, this film offers a rich tapestry of symbolism to decode and appreciate.

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Podcast 112: The Last Dragon

His friends think he’s too serious. His family thinks he’s crazy. His enemies think he’s no challenge. But she knows he’s The Last Dragon. This week we are reviewing “The Last Dragon” starring Taimak, Julius Carry, Vanity and directed by Michael Schultz. WARNING: There will be SPOILERS!

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