Day: April 13, 2023

UPstaged or UPstoppable? Wilderpeople vs Pixar’s UP

In the battle of the UPs, who comes out on top? Will it be the heartwarming tale of a grumpy old man and a young boy, or the hilarious misadventures of a rebellious teen and his foster uncle in the New Zealand wilderness? Let’s find out.

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Taika Waititi: A Masterful Writer and Director

Taika Waititi is an exceptional talent, proving his mastery as a writer and director time and time again. From his early work in New Zealand to his recent Hollywood hits, Waititi consistently delivers unique and memorable stories that have captivated audiences worldwide. His ability to balance humor and heart, while also tackling important themes, sets him apart as one of the most gifted filmmakers of our time. Whether it’s through his imaginative storytelling or his insightful commentary on society, Waititi’s impact on cinema is undeniable.

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Podcast 108: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Nature just got gangster. This week we are reviewing the movie “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” starring Sam Neill, Julian Dennison and directed by Taika Waititi. WARNING: There will be SPOILERS!

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